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Campus Crusade for Christ:
Currently working with Chinese students in Iowa City


The Kelsay's joined CCC to take the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to college students around the world. Becky joined in 1980, Scott in '83. They've invested 20 years in Asia sharing Christ with students and faculty, building indigenous leaders to reach their own country. Helping to them take leadership roles and full ownership of making Christ known in their nation.

In 2008, they sensed God leading them to return to the US as their children transitioned into college. Their focus now is at the U. of Iowa and pioneering other campuses in the Upper Midwest Region to reach International students and faculty from the "10/40 Window" countries: China, India, Japan, and Muslim nations. They serve with Bridges International in CCC.

"Since God has brought Internationals to our doorstep, the greatest gift we can give is to serve them and introduce them to Jesus Christ. Pray that they will become Christians who impact their own nations."


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